• Car Wash & Cleaning, Electrical & Electrical Installations, Consulting & Training & ...

    Car Wash & Cleaning, Electrical & Electrical Installations, Consulting & Training & ...

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The services provided in the Software are as follows.

Financial and accounting services

Software consulting services for accounting software, auditing, accounting consulting, tax filing & ...

Insurance and legal services

Fire Insurance, Third Party Insurance, Transportation Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Body Insurance, Rental Claims, Inheritance Certificate, Check and Claim Claims, Late Claims Claims, Unpaid Check, Divorce , Dowry and alimony claims

Home Services

Laundry, Blanket Laundry, Tailoring Services, Locks & Locksmiths, Home Spraying, Garden & Trees Spraying, Parking & Storage Spraying, Ladies Makeup & Trimming, Toy Repair & ...

Washing and cleaning

Home cleaning, office cleaning, flooring, sliding, sofa washing, carpet cleaning, ...

Educational services

Tutorials of music education and piano tuning

Computer & Mobile Services

Operating system, windows and linux installation, laptop repair, monitor repair, hardware service, game and software installation, antivirus, virus detection, hardware assembly, printer cartridge charger, printer repair, scanner repair

Electric and electrical services

Wiring, Chandelier & Lamp Services, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Telephone & Networking, CCTV, Video Intercom, Electric Door, Water Cooler, Lighting, ...

Car service

Mobile Car Wash, Nano Car Wash, Car Electrical Services, Battery, Tires, Car Aid, Crane & Car Transmission, Car Service, Oil Replacement, ...

Transport services

Moving, Freight Forwarding With Pickup, Freight semi-heavy car, Heavy Duty Car, ...

Installation and service of home appliances

Split Installation & Service, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, TV, Digital Antenna & Receiver, Central Vacuum Cleaner, ...

Services Facilities

Package & Water Heater Installation & Service, Radiator Service, Valve Installation & Repair, Washing Machine, Toilet, Fire Fighting, Water & Gas & Sewer Plumbing, Split Installation & Heating, Heater & Engine, Pump & Water Tank, ...

Building services

Building Services, Tiling, Painting, Plastering, Demolition & Digging, Simple Worker, Glassware, Doors & Windows, Iron & Steel, Welding, Carpentry, Insulation, Interior Decoration

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With our application request service everything will be fine! Need Home Cleaning or Workplace Cleaning? Need plumbing repairs? Do you want a car wash? How about a car repair on site? Do kids need a tutor ?! With us everything will work out! Just tell us your problem so we can introduce you to the best professionals.

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Your satisfaction is the most important thing we want. To maintain the quality, post your opinion and rating after the workman work.

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Choose from hundreds of workmans, confident and select workman based on their ratings, resume and opinions.

With us everything will be fine

With us you can order all the services you need, from facilities, cleaning and car wash to consulting and training and get them as soon as possible.

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In this section you will learn more about the benefits of application.

Confidence & Trust

All of our workmans are trusted and trustworthy

Speed in service delivery

The fastest way to get services on specific location

Professional Workman

The meeting place for the experts

Easy Access

The easiest way to get services on every where

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Save your time by ordering from us

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